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How Detroit Powers Your Sustainability Goals

Other 08/28/2023
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From our Factory Floor To Your Operations

Driving Sustainability From Within

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability starts right on our factory floor, prioritizing eco-friendly practices to minimize our environmental impact. From optimizing energy efficiency to responsible waste management, we continuously strive to maintain the highest standard of sustainability throughout our operations.

Holding our practices to the highest standard means monitoring our goals to ensure we are consistently making meaningful progress.

As previously shared, we take pride in being certified as a platinum member of the US Department of Superior Energy Performance Program. This recognition acknowledges our efforts to save money and reduce carbon emissions through strategic energy management (SEM) systems, based on the ISO 50001 global standard.

To achieve this, we took initiatives like swapping out 2.3 million square feet of lighting in our facility with energy-efficient LED lightbulbs, reducing facility water usage, and implementing a waste reclamation process that helps us to recycle or repurpose more than 23,000 tons of material per year. Overall, 98% of the waste we produce is recycled in some way.

We are also actively working to replace our current steam boilers on-site which are used for engine testing and comfort heating, with smaller, low-pressure hot water systems by 2026. This swap will not only make our operations more strategic, but also significantly reduce our energy consumption.

Most importantly, we are confidently progressing towards achieving our targets of using fully renewable energy for all electric needs by 2025, as well as becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Investing in sustainable practices not only helps us to help the planet, but also allows you to make a meaningful choice in supporting a greener, cleaner future as we transition to the next phase of transportation solutions together.

Innovative Green Products, Technology & Support

Our best-in-class powertrain componentsengines, axles and transmissions - have a significant influence on the overall performance of trucks, impacting fuel efficiency and total cost of ownership in the long run.

When we approach sustainability, not only do we think about our social and environmental responsibilities, but also our customers. We take pride in offering cutting-edge technologies and support that improves the total cost of ownership. By ensuring our vehicles perform at their peak and precisely meet your requirements, we enable you to improve your bottom line and cater to the needs of your business.

Our technologies, like Detroit Connect, play a crucial role by providing essential vehicle information. Detroit engines are specifically designed to meet on-board diagnostic (OBD) compliance, ensuring they not only meet regulatory standards for certification, but also consistently operate efficiently within those parameters, optimizing emissions downstream.

We understand the significance of this data and how it’s delivered to you. With features like Virtual Technician, fault code information is transmitted at a detailed level, empowering fleet operators to make informed decisions about maintenance and address issues promptly. This technology guarantees the long-term health of the vehicles and also facilitates smarter business decisions.

Our sustainability commitment extends beyond the product. We act as a partner to you to ensure you derive value from our solutions. Whether it's optimizing fuel economy, conducting spec reviews, or providing a forward-thinking roadmap for fleet efficiency through down speeding. At Detroit, our goal is to assist you in achieving your fuel economy goals while maintaining optimal performance.

Every customer's needs are unique, which is why we offer personalized support. This may involve fine-tuning electronic parameters to align with your specific objectives, enabling you to strike a balance between fuel economy and operational effectiveness.

Empowering Your Eco-Friendly Operations

Partnering with us means more than just purchasing powertrain components – it means gaining a strategic ally in your sustainability efforts. Our products are designed not only for exceptional performance but also for improved fuel efficiency, further reducing your ecological impact and operating costs.

Ultimately, we are able to do so by investing in our customers. By working with you to understand what products and technologies work best for your operations, it allows us to develop better products.

Detroit Field Sales Engineers are unique as they offer the opportunity to have a one-on-one relationship with an expert who can consult with you and your needs. Whether it’s quarterly business reviews or tracking fuel economy data over a period of time, this relationship can help fleets gain visibility into the best possible ways to achieve their sustainability goals.

This is a multipurpose relationship that helps us at Detroit generate a voice of customer feedback that we can then translate back into our future products and technology to make them even better over time.

A Shared Vision Of Sustainability

We take pride in being part of your journey toward a sustainable future. Your success is our success, and that's why we invest in continuous development to make our products, technology and support even more cutting-edge. As you work towards meeting your sustainability goals, you can count on us to stand by your side, providing the support and solutions you need to help grow your business.

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